EV Charging
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EV Charging

With the proliferation of electric cars or EV, everyone is asking the same question. Where do you charge an EV? EVs run on batteries that need to be topped up every now and then. Similar to gas stations for gas vehicles, EV charging stations will eventually be everywhere to supply our hungry EV. Many project are aimed at building out EV charging stations to charge EVs in the USA. They plan to install EV charging stations in public places, commercial environments and your home. These stations will start popping up in Phoenix, Tucson, Los Angeles, San Diego and Houston just to name a few cities.
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As you can imagine the process to charge an EV need to be relatively efficient. You have to be able to charge an EV fast but safely. No one wants to stand for hours waiting on a battery to charge. Compare this to the few minutes it would take to fill up a gas tank. The charger will try to send as much current to the battery without raising the temperature too high. Hence for these reasons special EV charging stations have to be built. You can also charge an EV at home using the standard socket. However due to the limitations of home circuitry this may take longer. 

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